Helite Ripcord

Helite Ripcord

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Helite ripcord

Helite airbag vests are all triggered by a mechanical system. Thanks to the ripcord our motorcycle vests are reliable and will not be unintentionally activated. The lanyard is how the seat belt in the car. The putting on and off quickly becomes habit.

The mounting is very simple and intuitive. Nevertheless, it is important to make sure that the ripcord is attached correctly to the vehicle, to ensure maximum safety and comfort while driving.
First must be found to the motorcycle a suitable place for mounting the ripcord. At different vehicle types, the optimal point where the lanyard is attached to the bicycle varies.
The ideal Befestigunspunkt is a round, stable part of the frame under the seat. The closer the Befestigunspunkt is at the center of gravity of the body, the more it is optimal. Sharp, sharp or hot surfaces on the vehicle should be avoided, as they could damage the ripcord.

ATTENTION! The rip cord can not be attached to the handlebar.
The lanyard is looped through the attachment point on the motorcycle. Subsequently the rip cord is infected with a quick release to the vest. Make sure that the ripcord does not restrict your freedom of movement. Is the ripcord too long, the trip time of the airbag is unnecessarily increased. Too short a lanyard reduces the freedom of movement and hence the ride comfort.
After a single installation the ripcord is attached to the motorcycle and is not removed. Before and after each ride only the ripcord is turned on or marked accordingly. If you own multiple vehicles, we recommend that you install on any motorcycle a ripcord.

And now we wish you a safe journey!

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