FRAME SLEEVE for Paddock Racing Stand

FRAME SLEEVE for Paddock Racing Stand

Product.Nr. RH

Manufacturer: Motorradteile Bursig


EUR 35,00

incl. 19 % VAT excl. shipping costs


weight 0,10 KG

Frame Sleeve for Bursig Stand




- Setting sleeve (incl. Depending on the model swinging sleeve)

mostly in black



Here's how to order:

  - Setting sleeve into cart

- Go to "Checkout"

- Choose the delivery and "next"

- Choose payment method and in the "additional information about your order"

Motorcycle, reinschreiben model and year.

Finalize Order -


Important! Please check before ordering the following:

- Please note that the motorcycle, it is not reaching to swap model changes only the frame sleeve. The complete adapter plates are from motorcycle to motorcycle, different model to model and even to Year to Year.

- The frame tubes are only available models for which we also offer the Bursig stand

- Check delivery times always the perfect model

- If you have ordered an adapter plate you need the

additional sleeve, since one is not already present in the adapter plate.

- Please note that sold the frame sleeves only to customers

be able to demonstrate that they have an original Bursig stand.

- Customers who bought the stand directly from us, do not need proof

- Customers who bought the stand at another dealer

or ads, please email us either a copy of the invoice

or information on the seller or owner

(according to data protection regulations only with the agreement of the retailer / private person)


Important Installation Note! :

- The smallest installation problems please contact us immediately.

- Do not use force during assembly.
- Our recommendation:

Let them
Setting sleeve in a specialist workshop

If you have ordered a stand with us, so it is fully supplied with all accessories. You can use the sleeve to be ordered separately if you have e.g. two identical motorcycles and want to use the stand at two, or bought the born stand without sleeve.

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